How to travel in style and wellness

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Ready to travel in style and wellness?

This week I am sharing with you my travel essentials that I use so that I arrive in a state of relaxation, ready to enjoy my holiday without compromising on my choice to eat well while I am away.

After my recent 2o plus hours flight from the United to Kingdom to Australia, I feel I am in a pretty good position to comment on these travel essentials.

Travel essentials

Before you go

  • In the lead up to my holiday, I like to google where I am staying and check out what is on offer for local healthy eats, smoothie and juice bars. That way when I arrive I am good to go for a quick and nutritious meal.
  • Once I get through airport security, I like to buy myself some food that I can snack on the plan like unsalted nuts, seeds and dried fruit, peppermint teabags and water.

In the air

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water – aim for six to eight glasses of water per day. Once dehydration starts may start to feel lethargic and a headache is also possible. Herbal tea is also a good option.
  • Try to do some in-your-seat yoga – rotate your ankles and wrists, sit up straight and going a gently twist from your waist to the left and right, reach both arms up above your head and stretch upwards. When you can, get up and walk to the bathroom to give your legs a stretch out.
  • I also like to download to my phone some short guided mediations – they really help me to relax and recharge. There are plenty of free guided mediations available on iTunes, etc.

Please note that when you arrive in Australia you cannot bring in any food products due to our quarantine laws to protect Australia’s native fauna and flora. So, please be sure to throw out all food that you bring with you in the bins provided or on the plane – this includes tea/teabags, nuts, seeds, etc.

When you arrive

  • Having sat still for a reasonable length of time, getting some gentle movement or exercise will really help to combat jet lag and assist to get your sleep patterns back in order. Some gentle yoga or a walk is a great option.
  • Take a wander and find your nearest fresh food store or supermarket so you can stock up on some healthy treats – fruit, nuts/seeds, coconut water are all good options.
  • Be sun safe and slap on that sunscreen, especially if you visiting somewhere warm and sunny like Australia. Sunburn is just no fun.

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