How much sugar is in your iced tea?

Mint Iced Tea

There is nothing quite as refreshing as an ice cold iced-tea drink. However, many of the store bought brands contain large amounts of added sugar.

So how much sugar is in the iced tea you are drinking?

One of the most common iced tea brands has up to eight teaspoons of added sugar! Eek.

Given that the World Health Organisation recommends a maximum of 6 teaspoons added sugar per day, this one drink would push you over the safe recommended limited.

So, ditch the sugar and make your own. This recipe for mint mayhem iced tea is a flavour hit. This blend will awaken the should from within with its full glory mint-iness. It will also helps to clear a foggy head.

Mint Mayhem Iced Tea


  • 8 cups boiling water
  • 4 peppermint tea bags
  • 1 teaspoon lemon rind
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 3 fresh mint leaves


  1. In a large pot, combine all the ingredients and add the boiling water.
  2. Allow it to steep for around 10 minutes.
  3. Pour through a fine sieve to remove the solids. Allow to cool to room temperature, then store in glass jugs/containers in the fridge to cool.
  4. Once cooled, serve with ice and some extra fresh mint leave and slice of lime or lemon. Delish.

Note: the flavour will taste great once it has cooled.

Time Saver Tip

  • You can freeze the cooled mixture into ice cube trays and then just add them to water or mineral water for a flavour hit.

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