Do you want to be successful? Here’s how


Do you want to be a successful?

You know, one of those people that sets out their dreams and then actually goes and makes it happen.

Perhaps you want to create a better work-life balance, maintain a healthy weight or manifest your business dream. What ever your dream is, today I am going to show you how to make it happen.

Defining your aims, goals and actions is a very powerful tool to ensure ‘success’ (as success is defined/articulated by you). It will greatly assisted you with moving forward, reducing anxiety and re-focusing negative or unsupportive thoughts into strategies and actions to overcome these challenges.

Create your path to success

Pull out pen and paper and schedule some quiet time and space so you can really express yourself with out being disturbed. You can complete these steps by writing, drawing or illustrating – use which ever medium works for you. The most important thing is to get it out of your head and onto paper.

Step 1: Write down the main goal you want to achieve. Now, describe how you will feel when you have successfully achieve your goal.

Get really specific here. Don’t judge, evaluate or criticise what you are writing – just let the ideas flow.  The more detail you include the better.

Here is an example of the top three goals that clients tell me they want to achieve and a list of questions to help you describe success.

Goal: Creating a work-life balance

  • What time would you like to commence work, finish work each day?
  • How would you feel when you wake up in the morning?
  • What would your home life look like? Ie what time would you have dinner with the family?
  • What would your morning routine look like? Time for breakfast? Lunches made?
  • What would quality time with your children be? Ie: going to the park, watching a movie, etc?
  • How would ‘date night’ with your partner be? What would you do? How would it feel?

Goal: Maintaing a healthy weight

  • What would wellness and achieving a healthy weight look and feel like?
  • What exercise would you do? When? How would you feel?
  • What would your home life look like? Ie what time would you have dinner? What foods would you eat/cook?
  • What would your morning routine look like? Time for breakfast? Lunches made?

Goal: Manifest your business dream

  • How would you feel when you wake up in the morning knowing you are running your dream business?
  • Who would your ideal client be?
  • What service or product would you offer?
  • Where might you be able to meet like minded business people? And/or clients?
  • What would a successful business like and feel like to you? Ie: 5 clients, x amount of income, etc

Step 2: What factors do you think may challenge your ability to achieve these goals?

Some common ones I hear are lack of time, lack of money, need to re-train or complete further study.

Step 3: What actions are you are prepared to take to create your path to success?

For example get up 30 minutes earlier, start a savings plan, study to be come qualified, etc.

Step 4: What is the one action that you will take TODAY to move you forward to achieving your goal?

Be specific, e.g. set you alarm clock 30 minutes earlier, open a new savings account at the bank, google local providers to undertake study course. Take action now.

Step 5: Write down the next few actions steps. Schedule time to complete them.

Place your goals and action up on your fridge or somewhere that you will see them each day to help keep you on motivated.

Congratulations, you now have a goal, an action plan and accountability (due) dates – you are well on the way to creating your path to success.

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