Do something to reward yourself

CELEBRATE your Success

When was the last time you celebrated your success?

You took the time and effort to set yourself a goal or a challenge. You ace it, successfully achieving (and potentially exceeding) the set outcome. Then before you celebrate your success you are off and running to complete a new goal.

Does this sound familiar to you?

In today’s fast moving and ever changing world, we can forget to pause and celebrate success. The acknowledgement of successfully accomplishing a desired goal is a vital part of leading a happy and healthy life.

Reflecting on the journey and celebrating your success can improve your self esteem, replenish your motivation and can increase your feeling of wellbeing.

How to celebrate

You can celebrate success in so many ways. I like to celebrate by sharing a meal with my family and friends. Sharing my success with family and friends is especially important to me if I have been busy ‘off-line’ studying or writing and I haven’t been available to spend as much time with them as I normally would.

Here are some other great ways to celebrate your success:

  • have a massage or a facial
  • reading a new book
  • book a ‘date night’ with your loved one
  • taking a holiday
  • cooking up a storm
  • talk about your achievement with your friends or post them on social media
  • treat yourself to a bunch of flowers (or a pair of new shoes).

The list is endless.

P.S. If you are struggling with how to set yourself achievable goals this article with talk you through it.

Take Action: Leave a comment below and tell me how do you celebrate your success?

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