Cranberry Cashew Bars – Afternoon Delight

afternoon delight

It is mid-afternoon and I am sitting at my desk researching my next blog post. I can feel the hunger pains calling me to eat something sweet, something delicious.

I head downstairs, put the kettle on and enjoy an afternoon delight – my homemade cranberry cashew bars with a cup of herbal tea. Perfect.

These tasty raw fruit and nut bars are healthy, nutritious and will definitely keep you away from the cookie jar. They will last for weeks if kept in the fridge. I like them for my afternoon tea but they are healthy enough that you could even have them for breakfast.

Feel free to substitute the cashews and macadamia nuts for others of your choice. Sometimes I like to swap them with almonds and hazelnuts.

Be sure to download and save this recipe card so you can give it a go.

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Cranberry Cashew Bar

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