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Caramel Panna Cotta

panna cotta

This recipe can be served as sweet treat dessert or a yummy afternoon snack. You can try different flavours and feel free to add berries or some banana to up the nutrient profile.

Gelatine is a great source of protein and contains amino acids both of which help to heal the gut wall and lining, making for a happy tummy. Optimising your gut health can help with nutrient absorption, speed up weight loss, prevent food cravings and assist to balance our hormones.

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Love your leftovers? Hazelnut crust pie

Hazelnut crust pie

Do you still have leftovers hanging around from the festive season?

Then use them up in this pie. This moorish hazelnut crust pie is a great way to use up leftovers – meat, fish, poultry and veggies are all a winner here. The more veggies the better really.

This recipe is simple, fresh and super tasty and it can made gluten-free and dairy-free so everyone can enjoy it.

The combinations that you put in this pie are endless – turkey and cranberry with veggies, nut roast with kale. Or make a sweet filling with leftover custard or chocolate mousse.

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Happy New Year Pancakes

Happy New Year

Happy new year!

There is something exciting about the start of a new year. A fresh calendar just waiting to be filled with fabulous events and time with friends and family – creating memories of a great 2016.

And what better way to start the new year than with some healthy-fied pancakes. This pancake recipe is gluten-free and dairy-free, with added goodness from the blueberries and ground almonds.

These yummy pancakes might a nice treat for breakfast or brunch. Serve with mango cashew yogurt or other yogurt of your choice.

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Throwing a Party? 3 Easy Party Snacks

Party Snacks

Are you throwing a party during the silly season?

If so, then you want to be the hostess with most and be looking gorgeous and relaxed as you mingle with your guest.

From my experience, the art of throwing a successfully party (that doesn’t leave you running around like a mad woman) is to plan ahead and make party food that you can make in advance. That way you can enjoy the party just as much as your guests.

These are my top three, easy-peasy recipes that you can make several days in advance.

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Festive Millet Porridge

Millet Porridge

With the Christmas season is now in full swing, a hearty but simple breakfast is essential to ensure I have the energy to power through my to-do-list.

This festive porridge is made with millet, a gluten-free grain. It is best eaten hot and is a perfect substitution for couscous. It is high in nutrients such as magnesium and manganese. The cinnamon and cranberries give it a festive aroma that fills the house with the smell of Christmas.

I like to cook up a big batch of this porridge and then I can just reheat a single serve in the morning.

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Festive Chutney

Festive Chutney

I have made a batch of this chutney to have on hand over the Christmas season. It goes brilliantly with a cheese board, as a snack with apple slices and with left over cold cuts such as ham and roast meat. It will bring a fresh flavour to leftover roast meat sandwiches.

Shop bought chutneys are generally loaded with sugar and preservatives. But this recipe from Hemsley + Hemley’s cookbook is refined sugar-free and instead uses natural real foods to give that sweet-sour-tangy taste that a good chutney should have.

It also makes a great stocking filler or last minute gift!

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Homemade + edible Christmas gifts

Edible Christmas Gifts

Feeling festive?

I am getting in the spirit of Christmas by making some yummy, homemade + edible Christmas gifts. These are always a hit with friends and family and perfect for any last minute visitors or party invites.

So put your favourite tunes on the stereo, light your cinnamon and allspice candles and spend some time in the kitchen creating these gorgeous gifts. Be sure to make a few extras so you can keep some for yourself.

Enjoy my top five, edible christmas gift recipes. Be sure to share your photos on Instagram.

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Choc Brownies – Can you guess the healthy secret ingredient?


Hmm, chocolate brownies with a cup of herbal tea – a perfect way to have a mid afternoon break.

These brownies are to die for – fudgy, nutty and super chocolatey. Quick and easy to make. This recipe can easily be changed up by adding different nuts, seeds or dried fruit such as cranberries. They are gluten-free and diary-free (if you so choose).

But can you guess the healthy ‘secret’ ingredient that makes these brownies healthy? I’ll give you a hint…… it is not beetroot.


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Raw Tiramisu Cake

Raw TiramisuCake

Sometimes you need a cake or dessert that has some wow factor, and this raw tiramisu cake has it all.

There is texture from the different layers, sweetness with a hit of coffee and it is decadent looking. A real crowd pleaser.

Don’t tempted to serve large slices unless you want your guests to be rolling out the door. It is  rich and dense, so it will easily serve twelve slices. Perfect for a large gathering of family and friends (I am thinking this cake might feature on my Christmas menu).

It is dairy-free and gluten-free so it can be enjoyed by all.

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Recipe: Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet Potato

Have you tried sweet potato wedges?

The first time I tried sweet potato (also called yams or kumara) wedges I was blown away by how good they tasted. I was hooked –  I can eat them as a warm side dish, cold in a salad or as snack.

I prefer them to standard potato wedges because they are a low GI food, so they won’t cause a blood sugar spike (especially helpful for managing diabetes) and compared to frozen supermarket potato wedges they contain no fat, are low in sugar and are free from additives and preservatives.

Plus, one medium sweet potato will provide you with over 100% of your daily needs for vitamin A and 37% of vitamin C.

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