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Japanese Coleslaw

Japanese Coleslaw

Looking for a super fresh coleslaw that is mayo free?

AKA low in sugar and dairy-free?

This Japanese coleslaw is packed with nutrients, fresh flavours from the mint and ginger and it stays properly crunchy.

It goes great with chicken, fish or meat or on a burger. If you have any left overs it will keep the fridge for a day or so.

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Are you getting enough calcium?

Cows Milk vs Green Smoothie


Are you getting enough calcium?

Which would you say contains more calcium, a glass of cow’s milk or a green smoothie?

I was brought up believing that calcium, which is essential for strong bones and teeth, was only available from cow’s milk based dairy products.

Was this the same for you?

When I tell people that I am lactose intolerant the first question I often get asked is “where do I get my calcium from” (without taking supplements). 

What is Calcium and why you should care

Calcium is a mineral found in many foods. Calcium is needed to build strong bones and teeth, regulate muscle contractions (e.g.: your heartbeat) and to ensure your blood clots normally. The body needs Calcium to regulate hormones and to send messages between your brain and your nerves and muscles.  Calcium may also help to lower high pressure and protect against some cancers.

A lack of Calcium could lead to Osteoporosis, or brittle bones, due to declining bone density as you age.

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Caramel Panna Cotta

panna cotta

This recipe can be served as sweet treat dessert or a yummy afternoon snack. You can try different flavours and feel free to add berries or some banana to up the nutrient profile.

Gelatine is a great source of protein and contains amino acids both of which help to heal the gut wall and lining, making for a happy tummy. Optimising your gut health can help with nutrient absorption, speed up weight loss, prevent food cravings and assist to balance our hormones.

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