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After a spooky Halloween recipe?

Image via Miss Marzipan

Image via Miss Marzipan

Are you after a spooky (but stylish) Halloween recipe?

My chocolate mousse is to-die-for with a few added healthy ingredients to keep the nutritional value higher – AKA raw cacao and cashew nuts.

It is an easy one-pot (blender) recipe, just need to leave it to set in the fridge overnight.

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Choc Brownies – Can you guess the healthy secret ingredient?


Hmm, chocolate brownies with a cup of herbal tea – a perfect way to have a mid afternoon break.

These brownies are to die for – fudgy, nutty and super chocolatey. Quick and easy to make. This recipe can easily be changed up by adding different nuts, seeds or dried fruit such as cranberries. They are gluten-free and diary-free (if you so choose).

But can you guess the healthy ‘secret’ ingredient that makes these brownies healthy? I’ll give you a hint…… it is not beetroot.


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Tone, Treat, Sip – Beauty Inside and Out

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Feeling great and looking fabulous is a combination of what you put inside your body to nourish it, as well as what you put on your skin in the form of beauty products, lotions and potions.

Your skin the largest organ in your body and 60% of what you put on to your skin is absorbed into your blood stream. Scary stuff when you consider what is lurking in many beauty products (you can read more about the top 12 nasties to avoid here).

Today I am sharing with you three recipes that will support your beauty from both the inside and the outside.

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Medicinal Mushroom Soup + Book Review

Mushroom soup

This week I am bringing you a recipe for healthy promoting mushroom and miso soup from the new book by Meghan Telpner.

I am a big fan of Meghan Telpner over here. When I picked up her first book, UnDiet, I was hooked from start to finish — it was a complete lifestyle guide to being healthy and awesome (with a little pinch of quirkiness), plus recipes to get you started. You can imagine how thrilled I was to learn that Meghan was releasing a follow-up cookbook, The UnDiet Cookbook.

The UnDiet Cookbook is jam packed with over 130 gluten-free and dairy-free, plant-based recipes to suit all types of diets. Meghan offers modifications to make the recipes nut-free, grain-free, and protein-powered. This is an essential cookbook for health, and with all the recipe options you will have no problem accommodating a whole household. These are approachable and delicious recipes.

I’ve already been whipping up recipes since I got a peek at the book. Medicinal Mushroom and Miso Soup and Sparkly Ginger Chip Cookies have emerged as early favourites. Another bonus? There is an entire chapter devoted to beauty care recipes because what we put on our skin should be good enough to eat.

Read on for the recipe for this super medicinal mushroom soup.

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