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Capsicum Cashew Dip

Capsicum Cashew Dip

Capsicum is versatile vegetable that adds a nutrient burst to your diet. It is rich in beta carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C and is full of antioxidants to combat those free-radicals. It also aids digestion, boosts your immune system and energises your metabolism.

I like to serve this dip as part of a mezze plate or with cheese and olives. It also works as a healthy snack or a flavour burst to my lunch time tuna salad wrap.

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Tomato Soup with Basil Pesto


There is nothing quite as satisfying as a bowl of homemade soup.

Tomato soup was a favourite of mine when I was little – flavoursome yet simple. This tomato soup recipe is quick to make, freezes well and is full of nutrients. Just add some zesty basil pesto to give it an updated flourish and you are all set – lunch (or dinner) is served.

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Basil Pesto Five Ways


Once you make your own zingy pesto you won’t be going back to the shop bought varieties.

Basil is a powerhouse of a herb, it is an antioxidant and has antibacterial properties, plus it contains vitamin A, vitamin K, manganese and magnesium.

This pesto recipe is super quick and can be used in several other ways to add some oomph to your cooking. Here are a few suggestions….

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2015 Pin Down What You Really Want


What are your plans for 2015?

With NYE over and the Christmas decorations put away, my attention is now focused on what my 2015 will be. As I open the cover of my new diary for this year, my many plans, dreams and goals are itching to get out my head and turned into action.

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