2015 Pin Down What You Really Want


What are your plans for 2015?

With NYE over and the Christmas decorations put away, my attention is now focused on what my 2015 will be. As I open the cover of my new diary for this year, my many plans, dreams and goals are itching to get out my head and turned into action.

2015: Pin Down Your Dreams

Moodboards (or pin boards) are far more than just a bunch of pretty pictures – they are a powerful tool to help you achieve your dreams for 2015.

Your moodboard is about capturing your goals – it may be to travel, change jobs, have supportive relationships, etc. You may have more than one goal, and that is great.

Create your moodboard, either using a physical pinboard or online using a free program such as Pinterest. What ever works best for you.

Create categories to cover the specific areas that you would like to develop personal change in. Then start filling your moodboard with inspiring images, quotes, colour – what ever best captures what successfully achieving your goal will look like and how you will feel when you have successfully achieved your goals.

If you need some ideas to get you started, feel free to check out my moodboard for 2015. You will see I have several goals for 2015 that go across a range of areas including study, travel and career achievements.

  1. Keep your moodboard where you can see it every day – I have saved mine as a screen saver on computer.
  2. Each month choose one to specifically focus on – decide what action to take to move you towards completing that goal.
  3. Put that action in your calendar as an appointment.
  4. Track your progress and celebrate your achievements!

Setting your intention is a powerful step towards living your best year yet.

Leave a comment with a link to your Pinterest moodboard for 2015 I will follow you.

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