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Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding

Chia Seeds

Do you have a packet of chia seeds hanging out in the back your pantry cupboard?

Well dig them out my friend and turn them into a Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding. Pudding for breakfast?

Yes. These little seeds are champions in the health department.

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Rejuvenating Face Mask

Rejuvenating Face mask

As a follow on from last weeks post No More Dirty Looks, here is a recipe for a rejuvenating face mask. It is so simple to make and does wonders for your skin – without the need for harsh chemicals, alcohol or synthetic fragrances.

Applying a face mask once a week will give your skin a boost. Wet masks will infuse active ingredients into your skin to hydrate, sooth, calm and heal. Read More →

No More Dirty Looks


I have recently re-read the book No More Dirty Looks – The Truth About Your Beauty Products by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt.

Have you read it?

This book will open your eyes to the nasty chemicals and additives that are lurking in your favourite beauty products. It is all very well to be fuelling my body with organic wholefoods but then to discover that what was in my beauty products was toxic was a complete blow.

Your skin the largest organ in your body and 60% of what you put on to your skin is absorbed into your blood stream.

So without feeling totally overwhelmed. Here is my breakdown of the top 12 nasties to avoid:

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What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?

Grow up

Do you remember as a child ‘playing’ what you would be when you grow-up?

I was going to be a nurse or an infant school teacher. In my teens I realised that I was not good with blood (especially other peoples) so nursing was not an option. And after several weeks of work experience placement as a teacher I realised that my love for a class room full of other peoples children under the age of seven had left me.

I eventually found my career in Human Resources (HR) working for medium to large corporate firms. I loved my job. I found it rewarding and varied. I was good at it. I went back to uni and completed my degree part-time while I worked full time in HR. I exceeded my own expectations in this field, all was good.

Then one day, as I stopped and looked at my life, I found myself getting itchy feet. I was ready for a new challenge. I could feel myself being pulled in a new direction. I had completed my qualification as a yoga practitioner – it opened my mind to other things. My approach to life, stress and career was shifting. I found I was again asking myself the question “what do I want to do when I grow up?”

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