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Banana Granola (gluten and dairy free)


Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, especially when I have my homemade Banana Granola on hand. It is gluten and dairy free deliciousness without the added sugar, preservatives, salt etc that you find in shop bought cereals. I like to have mine with almond milk or cashew nut yogurt (recipe to follow soon, just doing some further refinement).

This granola will keep for one week if kept in an airtight jar.  If you live in a warm climate, I would recommend keeping it in the fridge.

Nutritional Info

Bananas are great for your health, they reduces swelling, protects against type II diabetes, aids weight loss, strengthens the nervous system and helps with the production of white blood cells due to it high levels of vitamin B-6.

Time Saver Tip

Once your bananas are ripe, you can peel, slice and freeze them into single portions in the freezer. Just take out one frozen banana portion and defrost it when you are ready to make this granola and you are good to go.

This Granola also makes an excellent crumble for a fruit crumble pie!

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Praise Granola from Yes Gluten-Free

Praise from Yes Gluten-Free for the Coconut granola

Hello and welcome!


My name is Kim. I am a certified life coach and yoga practitioner. I am originally from Brisbane, Australia and I am now living in Oxfordshire, England.

I love to travel, eat sushi, drink peppermint tea and read a good book. I am learning Italian and rediscovering the joy of riding my new pushbike.

What is this blog about?

This blog is space for me to share my passions about living a life of health, wellness and happiness. I will be sharing recipes, tips, motivation and tool and techniques to assist you in creating your own version of an abundant life. I am so honoured to have you join me on this adventure into abundant wellness.

So why do I want to be your coach?

My background is in human resources in the fast paced, corporate world, of legal services. By the time the client arrived at my door, they had often lost their passion for life. They were stressed, dissatisfied and disengaged with their life (and sometimes from their loved ones too). For some, they attached their entire identity and purpose in life to their job title. For others, they questioned what they wanted to do ‘when they grow up’. For most, they felt like they had lost their way.

As I coached and mentored these people back towards a life of happiness and fulfillment, I realized that I wanted to extend my coaching to reach people before they arrived at that point of despair.

I wanted to create a safe space that allows my clients to express their fears and limiting self-doubts, to then be able to guide and support them to live a life of wellness and abundance. And from that, my blog and wellness coaching programs have evolved.

How can you be involved?

I would love to connect with you and have you join me for this adventure into all things wellness. You can join me on Facebook, Pinterest and via my weekly newsletter. Please share this blog with your friends and feel free to leave your insights in the comments box below.