How to make a rich bone broth

Bone broth

Have you ever thought about making your own bone broth?

I have been toying with the idea for some time. I finally decided to give it a try after I realised that the supermarket beef broth I purchased contained added sugar (WTF), added colouring and a whole host of perservatives – not happy.

One of the most common questions asked about bone broth is if it is the same as beef stock. In short, not really – it does not have added wine or extra seasoning and bone broth is always made with bones (not just veggies) that have been gently simmer for long time to extract all the nutrients.

The health benefits of bone broth are amazing, starting with the fact it is great for soothing as unhappy stomach (such as IBS) and assisting with supporting good gut health. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, collagen and keratin, contains healthy fats and assists in the absorption of vitamin D and calcium.

I used a combination of bones, cooked meat and veggies for my recipe. I got beef bones from my butcher for a few dollars (some of the supermarkets now sell bones in the meat section), and I also used left over roast lamb bones and the meat. You can make a chicken version using left over roast chicken carcass as well as raw chicken wing bones.

It turned out to be well worth my efforts, the taste is delicious and I know that it is free from added nasties. I found that bone broth is easiest to make in a slow cooker (you can also make it on the stovetop). So dig out your slow cooker and give it a go.

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10 Things to do today

10 things to do today

If you want to love what you eat and feel full of abundant energy, then my top 10 tips below will have you feeling like the best version of yourself.

Improving your health begins from within – eating real, unprocessed and nourishing food to fuel your body (and your mind).

By understanding what is good for you, making some simple changes to your habits, you will start to look and feel amazing. Start with these simple changes and you’ll feel better immediately.

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How to start the day right


Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, especially when I have my homemade Banana Granola on hand. It is gluten and dairy free deliciousness without the added sugar, preservatives, salt etc that you find in shop bought cereals. I like to have mine with almond milk or cashew nut yogurt.

This granola will keep for one week if kept in an airtight jar.  If you live in a warm climate, I would recommend keeping it in the fridge.

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Budget Pleaser: Smoky Baked Beans

smoky baked beans

As the season is changing, I am starting to seek out warming, healthy meals. So, this week I am making a budget pleaser meal: smoky baked beans.

Now not all baked beans are the same. I was shocked to discover that my one of my university days staple meals, shop bought baked beans, is full or sugar, preservatives and salt. So much for thinking I was making a health choice.

I have instead made a batch of smoky baked beans from scratch with a no mess, no fuss recipe from the book The Art of Eating Well by the clever Hemsley and Hemsley sisters.

This recipe is super easy to cook, budget friendly and free-from refined sugar, gluten and dairy.

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How much sugar is in your iced tea?

Mint Iced Tea

There is nothing quite as refreshing as an ice cold iced-tea drink. However, many of the store bought brands contain large amounts of added sugar.

So how much sugar is in the iced tea you are drinking?

One of the most common iced tea brands has up to eight teaspoons of added sugar! Eek.

Given that the World Health Organisation recommends a maximum of 6 teaspoons added sugar per day, this one drink would push you over the safe recommended limited.

So, ditch the sugar and make your own. This recipe for mint mayhem iced tea is a flavour hit. This blend will awaken the should from within with its full glory mint-iness. It will also helps to clear a foggy head.

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Japanese Coleslaw

Japanese Coleslaw

Looking for a super fresh coleslaw that is mayo free?

AKA low in sugar and dairy-free?

This Japanese coleslaw is packed with nutrients, fresh flavours from the mint and ginger and it stays properly crunchy.

It goes great with chicken, fish or meat or on a burger. If you have any left overs it will keep the fridge for a day or so.

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Are you getting enough calcium?

Cows Milk vs Green Smoothie


Are you getting enough calcium?

Which would you say contains more calcium, a glass of cow’s milk or a green smoothie?

I was brought up believing that calcium, which is essential for strong bones and teeth, was only available from cow’s milk based dairy products.

Was this the same for you?

When I tell people that I am lactose intolerant the first question I often get asked is “where do I get my calcium from” (without taking supplements). 

What is Calcium and why you should care

Calcium is a mineral found in many foods. Calcium is needed to build strong bones and teeth, regulate muscle contractions (e.g.: your heartbeat) and to ensure your blood clots normally. The body needs Calcium to regulate hormones and to send messages between your brain and your nerves and muscles.  Calcium may also help to lower high pressure and protect against some cancers.

A lack of Calcium could lead to Osteoporosis, or brittle bones, due to declining bone density as you age.

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Caramel Panna Cotta

panna cotta

This recipe can be served as sweet treat dessert or a yummy afternoon snack. You can try different flavours and feel free to add berries or some banana to up the nutrient profile.

Gelatine is a great source of protein and contains amino acids both of which help to heal the gut wall and lining, making for a happy tummy. Optimising your gut health can help with nutrient absorption, speed up weight loss, prevent food cravings and assist to balance our hormones.

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Healthy Eats: Fundies Wholefood Cafe Brisbane

Fundies Wholefood Café & Market








Fundies Wholefood Market and Café is located in the leafly suburb of Paddington, Brisbane, and it is one of my favourite weekend haunts. With my calico shopping bag tucked under my arm, ready to be filled with my weekly shop of wholefood groceries, I walk in the warm Brisbane sunshine up to this café for a leisurely morning of good food and a spot of shopping.

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Four Easy Breakfast Recipes

Copy of 4 Quick

Ready to crank up your breakfast recipes?

Tired of making and eating the same breakfast every day?

Then this weeks article is designed just for you. Amp up your recipes as I share with you four quick (and nutritious) breakfast options. We are talking minimal number of ingredients but maximum taste.

Enjoy guilt free!

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